Tucker Rigging Styles & Instructions

Enduro-Balanced Single Tie

This style has a conventional front dee attachment with extra "front to back" straps on either side forming a Y on the saddle with the front dee in the middle. The front to back straps create an extra snug fit and make steep riding more secure.
Enduro-Balanced Double Tie

This type requires an english-style girth. Two separate billets attach to the girth--one attaches to the D ring and one to the back of the saddle.
Western Double Dee Drop

This style is conventional Western rigging with tie strap and off billets, but sits lower on the horse for less bulk under the rider's leg and closer contact with the horse. This style requires a western girth.

Balanced Ride English Billet

This rigging has three one-inch wide billets which attach to an English girth.